Founder In Training Creator, Hollie Hoadley

Founder In Training is the brain child of Hollie Hoadley, Founder of Creative Solutions. She has been thinking differently since 1976. In high school at 16 years old, she was asked by her guidance councilor, "What do you want to be when you grown up." Hollie proudly said "I want to paint on artificial limbs to make them look more realistic so people feel more comfortable wearing them."

As you can imagine, the guidance councilor, laughed and said "That's not a job. Pick something that is real, like a gym teacher or a secretary."

Since then, Hollie has always felt like she didn't quite fit with the normal way of thinking. You give her a math problem, she would figure it out and get in trouble for not showing her work. The teacher would assume she cheated so Hollie would ask, "Can I have a special test where you ask me the questions and I give you the answer verbally?" That was a no. 

Hollie would take apart radios for fun and put them back together based on logic. If someone told her she couldn't do something, she would figure a way. 

Hollie, like many of you, were born as 'different thinkers', 'odd-balls', and 'visionaries' but weren't given the opportunity to use your whole brain. 

Our mission is to reach all of the kids that have someone in their lives that believe in them and see their potential. To encourage these kids to feel like they belong somewhere and that it's okay to be THEMSELVES!

If these kids think as differently as you and Hollie, then they might just follow in your footsteps and become an Founder, a Visionary, an Entrepreneur. 

Encourage those big brains and you might just make a difference in someones life!